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Each friend:

  How do you do! Very honored to meet with you in the modern civilization on the Internet, take this opportunity to thank you to visit our website, thank the higher leadership, from all walks of life friend and you believe of concern, logistics, support and help, thank the bring us more opportunities to the development of the era.

  "The blunt whetstone, the plum flower no sweet without sweat," dexin international after years of ups and market baptism, over the rocky, development, become one not to be overlooked force, develop and formed a "Shared responsibility, development and share the achievements" and "heavy burdens and task congruent", "staff sincerely dedicated, enterprise truth return" of excellent management team and has the characteristics of the enterprise culture, this is our most precious treasure. At present, the letter is for creating's logistics by three kinds of ship type of fleet and try hard.

  Our service concept: humanist, to the guest a priority
  Our core values: integrity, customer service, sharing
  Our management policy: to the owner for god, to efficient strives for the survival, to the service prestige tree image, scientific management plan development
  Our service tenet: have the satisfaction of our clients and trust, will have our development
  Our desire is to: powerful China needs strong enterprise, establish a focus on international influence and competitiveness in the market, characteristics, can continue to development of the China fleet, and become a global carrier, for the prosperity of China strong and try hard.

  The current shipping market into the winter, but the crisis in the business opportunities exist, "low in the warehouse low-cost expansion" is our present strategic choice.

  Our progress without your help, we is the development of all employees of the effort pour out, only stand the baptism of the storm, can I still waters calm, we will never back, don't let you down. I firmly believe that, to do simple things repeatedly, become expert; Repeat things carefully done, he be a winner; Easy belongs to be prepared person, miracle is to belong to the persistent, success is to belong to the stubborn.

  Hope everyone to give we as before the care and the support, I believe: give us a chance, we also you a surprise; Give us a ray of sunshine, we will be more brilliant.

  To make things must first be good, I recently read some national studies of thick book, ancestor legacy is too precious, currently in use in NaHuaiJin the old man's a word as a last word, we share.

  Learning to study for introduction, filial piety to try to raise for truth, to conduct business for khalid, with ministers for active with all your heart, diligence to blame for the first, and with the youngest for jinde, treat matter to the essence and strict lasts for JingCe with variable, the bureau with humility for rational, language to reduce for directly, and sincere for support, ji content with compassion as the root, and all things made in advance for no pains, distress to not disorderly for concentration.

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